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Ultrasound Guided Joint Injections

Ultrasound Guided Joint Injections in Mesquite, Frisco and Desoto, TX

OmniSpine Pain Management Offers Ultrasound Guided Joint Injections Near you in Mesquite, Frisco and Desoto, TX. For More Information Call or Visit One of Our Three Locations!

Ultrasound Guided Joint Injections in Mesquite, Frisco and Desoto, TX
Ultrasound Guided Joint Injections in Mesquite, Frisco and Desoto, TX

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Who are good candidates for ultrasound guided injections?


Used effectively for years, ultrasound guided injections can accurately and safely diagnosis and treat a many arthritis, muscle and joint conditions. Dr. Morchower is able to do this by combining the technology of ultrasound with the ability to deliver medication accurately and directly to the site needing treatment. The ultrasound is able to provide real-time imaging of body structures, such as the bones, tendons, muscles and internal organs, without exposing your to radiation. Therefore, when using ultrasound guided injections, the doctor is able to accurately locate the injured spot needing treatment. Deeper, smaller and difficult to access areas are much more accessible with ultrasound guided injections. Medications no longer need to be injected “blindly” into an area, which increases the risk of injuring nearby nerves, blood vessels and other structures. There is no down time and you can get back to life immediately following the procedure.

Dr. Morchower recommends that most joint injections be performed under ultrasound guidance.

Various types of therapies and medications can be delivered via ultrasound-guided joint injections. Pain medications, such as anesthetics (numbing medications) steroids and other anti-inflammatory drugs, are commonly used to diagnosis and treat many painful musculoskeletal ailments. Ultrasound guided injections are used to deliver lubrication therapy to joints with viscosupplements, such as Hyaluronic Acid, providing pain relief and a wider range of motion for joints.

Who are good candidates for ultrasound guided injections?

Ultrasound guided injections are a great non-surgical and radiation-free option for those suffering from:

• Tendonitis
• Bursitis
• Arthritis
• Shoulder Impingement Syndromes
• Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis)
• Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
• Rotator cuff injury
• Tendonitis conditions in the hand and wrist
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Ultrasound-guided joint injections are also useful for those needing fluid removal from a joint or for pain management before a surgical procedure is performed.

The Procedure

• As a procedure simply performed in the office, ultrasound guided joint injections are minimally invasive and typically take only a few minutes.
• The treated area will be cleaned and topical numbing agents can be applied for comfort.
• The ultrasound probe pressed on the numbed skin in order to visualize the muscles, bones, nerves and tissues beneath the surface.
• The real-time images produced by the ultrasound are displayed on the monitor and help guide the injection to the correct location. Patient’s typically find ultrasound injections more comfortable and effective than injections performed without guidance , also referred to as a “blind injection”

The Results

It can take a few days to a few weeks to feel the full effect of the medications injected, but compared to surgical interventions, most daily activities can be resumed within 24 hours. It is recommended that the injection site is kept dry after the injection for at least a day. Ice packs can help manage any swelling and/or soreness. Check with your provider before taking any NSAIDs (ibuprofen, Aleve, etc.) and avoid strenuous activity until you are cleared by your doctor. Depending on the medication injection, results can vary, but most joint injections result in reduced pain, decreased swelling and a wider range of motion.

*Individual Result May Vary*

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