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Get treated for neck pain with Botox injections (Insurance accepted)

STIVAX Treatment in Dallas and Frisco, TX

Omnispine Pain Management Specializes in Stivax Treatment to Treat Back and Neck Pain. Call Your Nearest Location in Texas to Schedule an Appointment or Visit Our Locations near You!

STIVAX Treatment in Dallas and Frisco, TX

Chronic pain can be debilitating.  When you suffer with constant discomfort, it eats away at the time you have with friends, family, or at work. The incredible pain specialists at OmniSpine Pain Management proudly offer alternative pain management solutions that can help our patients avoid invasive surgical procedures or reliance on pharmaceutical drugs. We provide our patients with access to STIVAX treatments that can have a drastically positive impact on your life.

What is STIVAX?

STIVAX is an FDA-approved microstimulation device that is used to address pain in the neck and back or caused by arthritis. STIVAX uses microchip technology to provide incredible pain reduction solutions for patients who have previously suffered with a wide range of pain conditions such as fibromyalgia, sciatica, migraines, traumatic nerve injuries, neuralgia, and neuropathy, among others. The STIVAX device can provide stimulation of the Vagus nerve to improve your pain symptoms and help you move more easily. Patients who have undergone STIVAX treatments describe approximately a 50% reduction in their pain and extended walking distances of up to 800%.

What are the benefits of using STIVAX?

STIVAX is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment that can provide incredible results. STIVAX requires no reliance on prescription medication or surgical intervention. STIVAX is placed in-office by a certified professional who has been trained in its use. The application is simple and easy, allowing for long-term relief from chronic pain. The microchip stimulation strength can be adjusted by your provider to offer a totally customizable treatment experience. The STIVAX device is water resistant and can offer patients reduction of treatment costs in the long-term.

How does STIVAX work?

The STIVAX device offers adjustable neurostimulation that can disrupt the pain signals being sent to the brain from damaged or dysfunctional areas of the body. Patients who have undergone STIVAX treatment can provide 14 continuous days of treatment after it is applied by a physician. The STIVAX device can improve patients’ walking distance, reduce their chronic pain, and support the body’s natural healing processes. The STIVAX machine can improve microcirculation in the extremities and decrease chronic and acute pain by continuously stimulating the Vagus nerve. For patients who have undergone more traditional treatments for their condition, the STIVAX device offers an important option that can open up the potential for a future life free from pain and limited mobility.

What conditions can the STIVAX device treat?

The STIVAX microstimulation device can address symptoms associated with a wide range of chronic conditions. It has been helpful for patients suffering with chronic neck and back pain, complex regional pain syndrome, various neuropathies, traumatic nerve injuries, refractory angina, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, zoster, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and many other chronic conditions. The STIVAX device can also increase endorphins in patients with depression and insomnia.

If you have tried more traditional pain management treatments without success, contact OmniSpine Pain Management today to schedule an appointment to discuss whether the STIVAX device might be able to help. Our experienced doctors can offer you expert insight into the ways in which the STIVAX may be able to help you overcome your chronic pain condition with this cutting-edge and minimally invasive device procedure.