4 Questions to Ask your Pain Management Doctor

4 Questions to Ask your Pain Management Doctor

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4 Questions to Ask your Pain Management Doctor
4 Questions to Ask your Pain Management Doctor

Can my pain be cured or simply managed?

Whether your pain can be cured or simply managed depends on many factors specific to you, including: the cause and severity of your pain, the treatments available to you and how you respond to them, as well as your age, gender, and personal health history. At OmniSpine Pain Management, we have a team of specialists available to consult with you about your chronic pain, and help determine the cause and possible course of treatments available. We will commit to doing whatever we can to help you find relief from your chronic pain, whether it can be “cured” or fully resolved or not.

In addition to having various services available for the variety of potential causes of chronic pain, we are also a pain management clinic, meaning we can help you find ways to cope with your pain in your daily life. Whether that’s through the use of pain medication or adjusting your lifestyle, to physical therapy or regular injections or treatments, we have solutions available.

Living with chronic pain can be very distressing. Not only can it impact your health, it can impact your work, relationships, and overall quality of life, causing you to want to withdraw. At OmniSpine Pain Management, we are here to listen to you and help you. You do not have to simply live with and accept your chronic pain. Feel free to contact us today for more information about what’s available to you.

Does my pain have triggers I should avoid?

In some cases, yes. You may already be familiar with your specific pain triggers, and if not, then one of our specialists can help you understand and identify your triggers, and how to avoid them. Whatever your triggers are may depend on the type of pain you are having, and the cause. For example, if you’re experiencing chronic low back pain, a trigger for you may be sitting for long periods of time, or sitting in specific kinds of chairs or surfaces without adequate support. In this case, you may need to avoid sitting for longer than an hour and change the kind of chair you sit in, or use additional supportive materials when sitting.

Depending on your situation, you may not be able to avoid the pain trigger in question, such as if you work in a job that involves heavy lifting or being on your feet for long periods of time. In this case, we will work with you to determine how best to manage your pain, and what you can adapt into your lifestyle in order to mitigate the risk of your triggers.

What kinds of pain treatments may be an option for me?

This will depend on the type, cause, and severity of your pain. At OmniSpine Pain Management, we offer a variety of treatments that target pain caused by back, neck, spine, knee, hip, and other issues. From trigger point injections, to steroid injectionsradiofrequency treatmentphysical therapy, and pain medication management, we have many different options available.

Often, those who live with chronic pain are familiar with the distress that “nothing is working” and that they simply have to accept and live with their constant pain. This shouldn’t be the case. Our team will work with you to determine the best course of action for treatment, so you can still move forward and live a full life with your pain.

Is surgery necessary for all cases of pain management or are there other treatment options?

Again, like treatment in general, surgery will depend on the cause of your pain. In some cases, a simple procedure or a more intensive surgery may be able to remedy the cause of your pain, but this should only be done if it is determined by a specialist that this is the best course of action, and if the benefits far outweigh the risks. At OmniSpine Pain Management, we tend to start with treatments that are less intensive and don’t require the same intervention as surgery, or in some cases are an alternative to surgery. We are always happy to discuss options with you.

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