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4 Questions to Ask your Back Pain Specialist

Suffering from back pain? Find out what your treatment options are, and how our team at OmniSpine Pain Management can help. Call or visit us at a location near you in Mesquite, Frisco and Desoto TX.

4 Questions to Ask your Back Pain Specialist

How come my back is vulnerable to pain and injury?

Back pain is one of the most common medical concerns, and by some estimates, one of the top reasons for doctor’s visits. There can be many causes of back pain, from the way you sit to how you exercise, to your family history and body shape and size. Your back in particular can be vulnerable to pain and injury since it is where your spine rests, one of the key components of your body’s makeup.

Simply put, your spine is what keeps you upright, and so your daily life activities, from sitting to exercise, will impact your spinal and back health. This is part of what can make your back vulnerable to pain and injury. Since it’s such a crucial support system for the body, it is sensitive to how you move (or don’t move), and over time, this can cause strain and pain for some people. Growing older is also a general risk for back pain, which is why many people will start to experience some sort of back pain as they age.

What are all the treatment options available?

Treatment for your back pain will depend on various factors specific to you, such as your body shape and size, the type, cause, and severity of your back pain, and your personal health history. At OmniSpine pain management, we offer a variety of treatments for back pain that both target the cause, and help ease pain and allow you to return to normal life activities as soon as possible.

We offer specific injections that can ease certain types of back pain, as well as spinal cord stimulation, or physical therapy. We also offer other specific types of therapies, such as trigger point injections, or radiofrequency nerve ablation. If you want more information about what we offer, feel free to contact us today to discuss your options.

What lifestyle changes should I make to keep my back healthy?

Just like treatment itself, lifestyle changes to keep your back healthy will depend on your unique situation, your health history, and what is available to you in your daily life in terms of remedying your back issues. For many people, how they sit, as well as their posture, can have a strong impact on their back and spinal health. Maintaining an

optimal, straight posture is a good start. Also, if your job requires sitting for the majority of the day, finding a good, supportive chair can be helpful, as well as taking regular breaks to stand, move, and stretch as needed.

Maintaining flexibility is also important, along with regular exercise that isn’t too strenuous or injury-causing. Another factor is wearing proper footwear, in order to ensure your back is getting the right support as you move through daily activities. At OmniSpine Pain Management, we can work with you to determine how to adjust your lifestyle in order to maintain and support your back health.

If surgery is necessary, what are the benefits?

For some people, surgery is an option to help ease or remedy their back pain completely. This will depend on the specific situation at hand. Generally, surgery should only be performed if the benefits to you outweigh the potential downsides, and this is something we can discuss with you at OmniSpine Pain Management. If back surgery is necessary, it can range from a simple procedure to something much more intensive, which is why it’s important to consult with a specialist, such as the ones available at our clinic. The benefits of certain procedures is that they can alleviate your back pain or at least significantly reduce it, so you can make a full recovery and return to daily life activities comfortably.